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  My name is Cliff and I want to congratulate you, because you took the first step. Investing in YOU! I hope this website is an inspiration to you as it has been for me to put together. Ever since I was 18 years old and making extra money on the internet, my friends would always ask me to show them how and what I do to make money online. Being that it was pretty complex at the time and took me many hours to do what I did, it would take much longer to show them exactly what and how I created an online business and income. I would always tell them I would show them one day and maybe write a book or manual explaining it all. Well, 20 years later…here it is.

   Since I started making money online back in 1999 things have changed considerably. The way I build online businesses now and the time it takes to manage them is a thousand times faster and more efficient. The tools available today make things so much easier to start an online business, especially an affiliate marketing business. I am excited to be sharing the secrets to exactly how it is done and for less money than you may think to get started. And to be exact, you can have an internet marketing business for around $3.49 a month plus the cost of a yearly domain name which cost roughly $10-12 each a year. You can see that for far less than a night on the town you can create something that can change your life.

So why would you listen to me?

   Through trial and error and the school of hard knocks, I have already spent thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, and years to bring you the fastest, most efficient way to make money online with the least amount of effort and management.  I have done it the hard way and now the easy way. I choose the latter.

   I am going to show you exactly how I generated over $2,000,000 in sales all through an e-commerce store that took many hours to run and maintain, buying and stocking inventory, order fulfillment, shipment of orders, email marketing, phone calls, and more to now building a website that runs 100% on autopilot and generates income daily.

   With this exciting way of doing business online you will not take customer orders over the phone. You will not process their orders over the internet. You will not charge their credit cards. You will not purchase inventory. You will not stock and ship product. You will not handle returns; do paperwork or any of the normal day to day operations of running an internet business.

  The way I make money online now is much different than the way I use to. I have more time freedom, more money, and live the life I am striving for. And the best part of it all is. Once set up,  It runs 100% on autopilot.

  Now before we go any further. I have a few disclaimers to share. Obviously I cannot guarantee you will make any money doing what I am going to teach you in these pages, so therefore I make no claims to that said. I cannot hold your hand and make you do anything in regards to your business. I do not know your work ethic, your motivation, nor do I personally know you. Just like any business it can take time to grow and hard work.

  I do believe that because you are here, you do have a strong desire to better your life and make more money. I give you credit for that. You cannot let it stop at desire. It is my hope that within these pages you will find motivation and determination to keep going even if you fall down. You may or may not make money your first day, first month or even first year…Keep going…Keep trying…Keep Dreaming.

  You may have fallen a hundred times already trying to find the magic formula to success and now you’re up going again. You are just like I am. I have been there and done everything to make a buck. Failure after failure and small and large successes along the way, I have kept getting up and you are going to also.


“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”-Michael Jordan


  There are a lot of so called online guru’s out there that teach different ways to make money online. Some teach network marketing, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce as ways to make money online. These are all great ways to make money online and there are some great and honest guru’s out there, however many that I have seen, and you may have also, promise you far more than what they are teaching. They are selling you on the dream. The big houses, fast cars, cash money and on and on. There are a very small percentage of these people actually making that kind of money they show on their website and marketing material.


   This program is going to be different than anything else you have seen online. I am not going to show you the big house, fancy cars or my particular lifestyle to envy. Sure those are life changing goals and desires, however my goal is to get you your first sale and commission and build from there. To get you excited when you make your first $50 commission and how that small amount can change more people’s lives today than the normal pipe dream of a million dollars in the bank.


   I know this works because I have seen it firsthand. I have witnessed others making it work also and I know you can too. So if you are ready to dive in, I am honored to show you the way. Let’s get started!

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To your Success,

Cliff Lunsford