WordPress is a free platform that we will use for our affiliate store. It is an online, open

source website creation tool. It’s the easiest and most powerful blogging and website

content management system out there.

Now before we go into installing WordPress you will need to point your domain name

to your new hosting servers over at SiteGround. If you didn’t do yesterday go ahead

and view this tutorial offered by Godaddy on how to change your nameservers. You

should of received your nameserver names in your welcome email from SiteGround

or when you first login.

When your nameservers have fully propagated, typing your domain name into a web

browser like google, firefox, chrome or internet explorer, you will see a blank page instead

of seeing a default Godaddy or other domain name service page.

Installing WordPress on your hosting account is very quick and easy (and free, of course).

Just follow the steps in this guide (provided by SiteGround)