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HTTPS For Everyone

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HTTPS is becoming the standard online and Google is picking it up as an important function of website security now. Sites that have the secure sockets layer encryption are being ranked higher than sites that do not have it.

Prior to now you would need to purchase a ssl security certificate and install it on your site to show that your site is secure with customers information as well as credit card details.

HTTPS consists of communication over hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by transport layer security, or its predecessor, secure sockets layer (SSL).

The web is obviously moving into the direction of making HTTPS the preferred, if not the compulsory, protocol. And these are just few of the reasons why this trend will continue to be massive in 2017:

  1. Google has officially announced that HTTPS will be a factor for search results standings
  2. The use of HTTP/2 protocol, that results in serious loading speed gains, is supported by browsers only over encrypted connection.
  3. Google Chrome browser will gradually start to indicate more obviously non-HTTPS websites as insecure.
  4. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress has announced that some of the new WordPress features released in 2017 will be available only for sites using HTTPS (go to 31:00 minute to hear it).

So with all this being said. Siteground has officially announced that all their hosted sites will now automaticaly issue a free certificate for every site. They will provide a one-click HTTPS switch for WordPress.


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