Ok so now you should have your new domain name registered and set up. The next

step is setting up your web hosting. Web hosting companies offer servers that house all your website files including content,

images and more. Over the years I have personally tried a dozen different hosting companies and SiteGround is hands down my favorite.

They are faster, safer and their support is top notch. You will see that they also offer domain names when you are setting up. You are welcome to however they specialize

in hosting not domain names like Godaddy does. So far you have purchased your domain name for approx $11.99 or less and now you

are going to purchase your hosting for $3.95 a month. So you can see for less than $20

you are almost 100% set up with your new automated affiliate site. See you tomorrow as

I walk you through installing Wordpress and some plugins which are FREE.



Siteground Hosting Plans


NOTE: Once you have your hosting account set up, SiteGround will send you and email with
account details. Be sure to save this email. You will need to know the nameservers of your
hosting account so you can “point” (aka “link”) your domain name to your hosting account.
Once you have the nameserver names in hand, just log into your Godaddy account and enter
them. Here is a step-by-step instruction guide that will walk you through the process.